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Convention Center

Expo Guadalajara

It is the most functional and important convention center in the country. Due to all the infrastructure, such as urban location, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers around, it is the perfect place for exhibitions, congresses and conventions. This facility consists of two levels that include 15 wide accesses to the exhibition ground; functional halls that allow the circulation of up to 60 thousand people every day.


22.2 km/14 mi. Airport

14.7 km/8.8 mi. Bus Station

7.1 km/4.4 mi. Downtown

12.5 km/7.8 mi. Tlaquepaque

63.1 km/39.2 mi. Tequila

52.3 km/32.4 mi. Chapala

4.8 km/3 mi. Zapopan

Event Halls

Total Pax: 50,000 pax

Total Spaces: 57

Total FT2: 390,420


Av. Mariano Otero #1499, Verde Valle

44550 Guadalajara, Jal.


Historic Venue

Instituto Cultural Cabañas

Built in 1805, it is a building classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, which makes it one of the most demanded alternative places to hold national and international events. Creating an atmosphere where the past is combined with the future, it is home to a collection of work by renowned artists, as well as new artist proposals, which can be found in each of its rooms. Its neoclassic architecture shelters the magnificent murals by José Clemente Orozco. The visual narrative perceived in the walls and vaults leads us through relevant passages of the Mexican history, reflecting on the unexpected encounter with the old world.


20.1 km/12.4 mi. Airport

13.3 km/8.2 mi. Bus Station

950 m/.59 mi. Downtown

8.1 km/5 mi. Tlaquepaque

63.3 km/41.1 mi. Tequila

51.8 km/32.1 mi. Chapala

11.6 km/7.2 mi. Zapopan

Event Halls

Total Pax: 3,700 pax

Total Spaces: 5

Total m2: 35,303


Cabañas 8, Las Fresas, San Juan de Dios, 44360 Guadalajara, Jal.


33 3668 1645 / 33 3818 2800 ext. 31009 / 31065